Bild MAP-220C Compact Modular Chassis

MAP-220C Compact Modular Chassis

Provides a flexible, more cost-effective compact platform for optical test switching and signal conditioning in optical device and sub-system development and manufacturing.

Bild MAP-200 Multiple Appl. Platform

MAP-200 Multiple Appl. Platform

Optical test and measurement platform optimized for cost-effective development and manufacturing of optical transmission network elements.

Bild Module


  • Optical Power Meter
  • Optical Switch Solutions
  • Insertion Loss and Return Loss Test Modules
  • Swept Wavelength Test System
  • Tunable DBR Laser
  • Variable Optical Attenuator
  • Broadband Light Source
  • Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier
  • General Purpose Light Source
  • Multiport Filter Module
  • O-Band Optical Amplifier
  • Passive Utility Module
  • Polarization Scrambler Controller