Bild RigExpert AA-2000 Zoom

RigExpert AA-2000 Zoom

Powerful antenna and cable analyzer for up to 2 GHz with Big Blanview® Display

Other versions are the RigExpert AA-650 (0.1 to 650 MHz) & RigExpert AA-1500 (0.1 to 1500 MHz)


Bild RigExpert Stick XPro

RigExpert Stick XPro

Stick XPro is a vector analyzer that simply and accurately measures all the main parameters of various RF devices and systems in the frequency range from 0.1 MHz to 1000 MHz.

Other versions are the RigExpert Stick Pro (0.1 to 600 MHz), Stick 500 (0.1 to 500 MHz) & Stick 230 (0.1 to 230 MHz).


Bild OneAdvisor-800


All-in-one tester for base station installation and maintenance.

One solution - One process - One report

Bild Viavi JD72xC

Viavi JD72xC

JD723B bis 2,7GHz


JD724C bis 4GHz

JD725C bis 4GHz, Dualport

JD726C bis 6GHz, Dualport

Die Kabel- und Antennenanalysatoren der Produktfamilie CellAdvisor stellen in einem handlichen, cloudkompatiblen Tester eine integrierte Lösung für Wobbelmessungen mit HF-Leistungsmessern sowie zur Faserprüfung mit optischen Leistungsmessern für die Installation und Wartung von Basisstationen zur Verfügung.

Bild Comm-Connect 3013 SWR True

Comm-Connect 3013 SWR True

The SWR True Antenna Analyzer is a versatile analyzer covering all major communication bands from 30MHz to 2700MHz. The SWR True will analyze antennas and cables. Measurements are represented graphically as VSWR or Return Loss plots


Bild Comm-Connect 3028 Site One

Comm-Connect 3028 Site One

The COMM-connect SiteOne Cable & Antenna Analyzer is a truly handheld analyzer covering all major communication bands from 50 kHz to 4400 MHz.


Bild Comm-Connect 3029 RF One

Comm-Connect 3029 RF One

The RF One Power Meter is a very versatile instrument covering both analog and digital carriers in an extremely wide frequency range from 30MHz to 6GHz. The RF One is capable of measuring forward and reflected power in the range of a few milliwatts up to 500 Watts.


Bild Comm-Connect 3030 RF Powermeter

Comm-Connect 3030 RF Powermeter

The 3030 RF Power Meter is a modern version of the traditional Antenna Watt and VSWR instrument. The instrument cover communication bands from 30MHz to 500MHz and 1GHz. The 3030 RF Power Meter will measure forward and reflected power in the range from milliWatts up to 100Watts. Built in frequency counter. The counter will show the transmit frequency and will call the calibration table for the actual frequency.


Bild Anapico Signalgenerator

Anapico Signalgenerator

Portabel, optional mit Akku.
Bis 2GHz, 4GHz und 6,1GHz
Weitere Modelle bis 40GHz